Granny is a popular horror-themed mobile and PC game that puts players in a terrifying situation where they must escape from a creepy house while avoiding a menacing granny. Released in 2017, the game has become a hit among horror game enthusiasts for its intense gameplay and jump-scare moments.

The objective of Granny is to escape from the house within five days by solving puzzles, finding hidden objects, and avoiding Granny's traps. Players must explore the eerie house, unlock doors, and uncover secrets while being stealthy to avoid Granny's detection. The game features multiple endings based on the player's choices and actions, adding to the replayability. Horror game enthusiasts who enjoy thrilling and intense gameplay, puzzle solvers who enjoy deciphering clues and solving mysteries, and players who enjoy stealth and strategy in their games, all find Granny to be an engaging experience.


The gameplay of Granny is tense and nerve-wracking, and players must be strategic in their movements to avoid detection. Players must navigate through the dark and gloomy rooms of the house, avoiding Granny's line of sight and her deadly traps. Granny moves around the house, listening for sounds and actively searching for the player. Players must be careful not to make noise, disturb objects, or trigger traps, as it will alert Granny and result in a game over.


The rules of Granny are simple but crucial for survival. Players must avoid being caught by Granny at all costs, as she is ruthless and will stop at nothing to capture the player. Players must also search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and unlock doors to progress through the house and ultimately escape.

To successfully escape from Granny's house, players must employ various strategies and tricks. Moving silently, using distractions, hiding in secret places, and carefully planning their movements are all essential tactics to outsmart Granny. Players must also be observant and pay attention to their surroundings to uncover clues and secrets that will aid them in their escape.

Tips and Tricks

Granny can be a challenging game, and players may find themselves stuck or overwhelmed at times:

  • One useful tip is to carefully plan your movements and be aware of Granny's patterns and habits. 
  • Listening for audio cues, such as Granny's footsteps or breathing, can help players anticipate her movements. 
  • Additionally, using items wisely, such as tranquilizer darts or special tools, can give players an advantage in their escape.

In conclusion, Granny is a thrilling horror game that challenges players to escape from a creepy house while avoiding Granny's pursuit. With its intense gameplay, jump-scare moments, and challenging puzzles, Granny has gained a large following among horror game enthusiasts. Players must use their wits, stealth, and strategy to survive and outsmart Granny in this heart-pounding escape game. If you're a fan of horror games or enjoy solving puzzles in a suspenseful setting, Granny is a game worth trying out.

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